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About Brass Monkey Photography

Brass Monkey Photography is a boutique tour company specializing in guided tours in the Asheville & Western North Carolina region. We are a sustainable company that believes in leaving no trace and being kind to the environment that surrounds us. 

We are inspired by the outstanding beauty of the mountains which take our breath away every single day. We would be honored to share with you our favorite locations on a guided hike.  

We curate high-quality, adventurous and extraordinary memories for you. Contact us to see if we would be a good fit together.

Our passion is HIKING and TOURS! We take pride in offering exceptional customer service and offer only boutique tours. We have a 7 seater vehicle but will never take any more than 5 guests. That way, everyone gets a window seat. If you have a party of 6 people, we can accommodate you on a private tour. Bottom line: we put your experience above our bottom line!

We offer scheduled tours and a great variety of them (different scenery and also different hiking levels and distances) but always with a view of taking you to the most picturesque destinations. 

We think of ourselves as Photographers who love to hike – always focusing on where we can find the most outstanding natural beauty to capture, in the changing seasons. 


Asheville is a place that digs deeply into your soul. It has a lure that grasps you and leaves you breathless. Nowhere takes my breath away like the Blue Ridge Mountains, especially first thing in the morning when the fog is lifting, dew is still wet on the grass and you can smell it in the air that “today is going to be a wonderful day”. 

There is so much to do in Asheville, check out the links below. One of our favorite things to do is to 
grab a libation in our favorite book store/champagne bar Battery Park Book Exchange.
I mean…books and champagne, does it get any better? Oh and it’s dog-friendly too. So, I guess it does!

Proud member of the New York Institute of Photography and Professional Photographers Association of America.

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Due to the outbreak of COVID19, Brass Monkey Photography takes everyone's health seriously and will not be operating guided tours until at least 1st July 2020. We cannot wait to see you in the Summer time to show you the magical beauty of the area. STAY STRONG!

SPECIAL OFFERS AVAILABLE - buy $100 gift voucher for use in 2020 and receive $25 on us (total of $125)! Or buy a Gift Certificate for $150 and receive $50 free on us - for a total value of $200.